Duck Breeds [The Ultimate Guide]

Duck Breeds [The Ultimate Guide]

Various Duck Breeds

There are more than 113 duck breeds, including domesticated and wild ducks. Each one has its unique traits, from size and color to egg or meat yield.

Here’s a list of the most common domestic duck breeds:

  1. Pekin Duck,
  2. Indian Runner Duck,
  3. Khaki Campbell Duck,
  4. Buff Orpington Duck,
  5. Cayuga Duck,
  6. Rouen Duck,
  7. Saxony Duck, and
  8. Crested Duck.

And here’s a list of the rare wild duck breeds:

  1. Cinnamon Teal Duck,
  2. Barrows Goldeneye Duck,
  3. Black Duck,
  4. Silver Teal Duck,
  5. King Eider Duck, and
  6. Ruddy Duck.

Let’s talk about each of these duck breeds now.

Most Common Domestic Duck Breeds

Pekin Duck

The Pekin Duck is known for its white feathers and large body. It’s a calm and gentle duck.

When you think of a typical duck, you’re likely picturing a Pekin Duck.

They’re hefty ducks, with males weighing up to 10 lbs. These ducks are popular as pets and are bred for meat and eggs.

Indian Runner Duck

The Indian Runner Duck standouts for its unique stance. It runs rather than waddles.

These ducks have slim bodies, long necks, and high-set eyes.

The Indian Runner Ducks are light and are known for their egg yield. They have varied colors, making them a breed with the most color options.

Khaki Campbell Duck

The Khaki Campbell Duck is known for its egg yield and khaki-colored feathers.

Khaki Campbell Duck is also loved for their tasty meat. Weighing just about 4.5 lbs, this duck has a sleek body.

Buff Orpington Duck

The Buff Orpington Duck is a medium-sized, friendly and calm duck.

These ducks have buff-colored feathers and weigh up to 8 lbs. They lay a good number of eggs and gain weight fast, making them suited for meat yield.

Cayuga Duck

The Cayuga Duck is a breed that comes from New York. These ducks are known for their black feathers that shine green, blue, or purple in the light.

They’re sturdy and friendly, and can live in cold weather. Cayuga Ducks are used for eggs, meat, and for show.

Rouen Duck

The Rouen Duck is a heavy and large duck breed from France.

They look like Mallard ducks and are bred for meat. Despite their size, Rouen Ducks are calm and easy to keep.

Saxony Duck

The Saxony Duck is a German breed that’s friendly and curious.

They’re great for meat and eggs, and are also shown at fairs for their unique colors.

Crested Duck

The Crested Duck is known for the tuft of feathers on its head. These medium-sized ducks can be white, black, gray, blue, or buff.

Crested Ducks are good for meat and eggs, and are loved for their unique look.

Rare Wild Duck Breeds

Cinnamon Teal Duck

The Cinnamon Teal Duck is a small duck found in Americas.

The males sport a red head and body, red eyes, and a dark bill. The females, on the other hand, have a brown body, light brown head, brown eyes, and a grey bill.

These ducks love marshes and ponds, and their diet consists of plants, seeds, shellfish, and water bugs.

Barrows Goldeneye Duck

The Barrow’s Goldeneye Duck is a small, stout diving duck with a large, long head.

The males have a crisp black-and-white coat with a purple head. Females have a speckled brown body and pale brown head.

They’re mainly found in the western mountain region of North America and live in lakes, ponds, coastal waters, and rivers.

Black Duck

The American Black Duck, also known as the “Dusky Duck”, is a large dabbling duck common in eastern North America.

Its dark dusky brown body blends into a light brown, grey head with a dark eye stripe.

These ducks have a brilliant purple-blue speculum or wing patch, highlighted by black borders and stark white underwings that can be seen in flight.

The American Black Duck is known for its diverse diet, feeding in shallow water and grazing on land.

Silver Teal Duck

The Silver Teal Duck, or Versicolor Teal Duck, is a species of dabbling duck native to South America.

This duck is known for its black cap that extends below the eyes, a blue bill with a yellow tip, and a green speculum with a white border.

These ducks are found in southern Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and the Falkland Islands.

King Eider Duck

The King Eider is a large sea duck that breeds along the Arctic coasts of northeast Europe, North America, and Asia.

The male King Eider is known for its ornate black-and-white plumage, accented by a red-and-orange bill, blue crown, and spring-green cheek. Females have a rich blend of rusty brown and black.

These ducks spend most of the year in coastal marine ecosystems at high latitudes, migrating to the Arctic tundra to breed in June and July.

Ruddy Duck

The Ruddy Duck is a thick-necked waterfowl known for its seemingly large tail that it habitually holds upright.

These ducks are native to North America and are known for their stout, scoop-shaped bills, slightly peaked heads, and fairly short, thick necks.

Males have blackish caps that contrast with bright white cheeks, and in summer, they have rich chestnut bodies with bright blue bills. They are excellent swimmers and feed mainly by diving.

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